Aion Raids & Instances

February 2, 2010

Hi Guys,

Ok ok I know I keep saying I’ll be doing things but lately work has been really hectic and well there just isn’t enough time in a day to Aion & do behind the scenes admin work for the legion. But that being said, this week we have some Good News and some Not-So-Good News which I will get to after a recap on the week and how things are going so here we go.


Weekly Recap

Well like I said, it’s been a really busy week for some of us, albeit, while not all of the members in the legion do attend or get invited to some of the raids please do understand that because the game mechanics only allows 6 people instances it’s quite hard to fit everyone in. However I do hope the members use this time to level and please don’t think we have forgotten about anyone, myself and the other higher ups are trying to organize some open-world raids but it’s a tad bit difficult to find a boss which is accessible and do-able to all members. So first up this week, Fort Raids.

Fort Raids:

What can I say, Eylos are back finally lolz. After capturing multiple lower forts in lower early this week, we ended up trading them for Asteria Fort in Upper Abyss. Myself and the others are quite impressed by the number of members coming along for some fun, it’s good to see more and more people get into it. Do remember that fort raids offer awesome rewards such as kinah and silver/gold medals (more kinah ^^). Here’s some highlights of the raids and some other screenies which I thought we’re pretty cool.

"Big Wings Little Wings" - Just me and the big guy defending one of the forts which unfortunately had no Asmo's around.

"Major Lag Scroll" - I would say I have a fairly good PC but turning characters on during fort raids like this is crazy (need a PC upgrade =.=")

"Our Asmo Friend" - Me and Yukiri met an Asmo after Asteria raid and managed to convince him to take photos with us kudo's to Eviltemplar for trusting us not to blast him into oblivion (btw does anyone notice Sally's new pretty blue costume ^^)

So as it stands, I believe Eylo’s only hold Asteria while Asmo’s hold two of the three Lower Abyss forts (forgot which ones =.=”). Hopefully next week we will have more luck and more people attending to grab more wooot!


Before I go on with the instances, I do have to apologize for Aion’s game mechanics once more. I know some people have been feeling a bit left out of the raids but once again if you can find others around your level to go instances great, otherwise just nag someone to take you along and I’m sure most of us are willing to lend a hand. This week I believe was the first Theobomos Labs for some of our members (including me) and while it was awesome fun, it was such a disaster lolz. Aside from the 6-7 hours, 214821674 deaths and pings of up to 3000 ms (noOb spec =.=”) we managed to reach the final instance boss Unstable Triorian. I have to admit, reaching him was the easy part as downing him was a pain in the a**. Here’s a pic of the evil bas***d.

"Unstable Triorian" - guides and details on the boss can be found in our forums under guides, the boss drops pretty nice gold too.

After several painful attempts of getting his/her? hp down to a quarter left, the thing went all “I’m going to kick all yo asses because I can” on us. As it was early morning most of us actually left but some remained and managed to get other party members to help down (the thing didn’t drop loot because it was stingy). Never-the-less this is a boss which I think everyone should have a go at some time in future, hopefully with members increasing in level and numbers we can get multiple instances of this instance (uhh sounds wrong but mehz) going at the same time and maybe have a race see who finishes first lolz.

Along with Theobomos Labs, as more and more members are reaching the mid 40’s there has been increased traffic into Steel Rake for all Lower/Upper and Middle. Hopefully this keeps up and the goddess of luck blesses you all with awesome walnut gear (legion members who read legion chat know what I mean =.=”). As this week we also have the opportunity to do fort instances at Asteria, some of the higher level members are trying to run Asteria instance on a daily basis, here’s a screenshot I prepared earlier ^^

"The I-forgot-its-name-boss" - One of the three bosses in the Asteria Fort instance (mind you he is the harder one). Asteria Raid allows participants 15minutes to reach one of the bosses (impossible to do more than one due to time) and if lucky loot exchangable items which can be traded in for AP at Middle Abyss somewhere.

I highly recommend members to try and get a group of 40’s together to try this out as the items given from the bosses can be traded in for quite a bit of AP. Note that there is a 15minute time limit on this instance the AP items are stored in a treasure box which disappears after 15mins (and yes you do need to kill a boss to loot the key to open the box =.=”). Overall I think this week there were many new ventures and hopefully we will find more open world raid bosses soon for everyone to participate simultaneously.


Good News & Not-So-Good News

Let’s start with the not-so-good stuff first before moving onto the good news. The not-so-good news is that this week was the last week of the Health Care Program as myself and Yukiri found it very hard to keep up with the amounts of potions we were sending out and the costs associated not to mention lack of commitment to it. Never-the-less I think it was good while it lasted and a majority of members really did appreciate our efforts. So say farewell to the Shugo-called-Ignis as we will be mailing out the potions one last time. The good news behind this is that we will now have more time to focus on other projects and also Sally will be able to start making a consistent income for herself (which she needs to if she wants to upgrade her armor =.=”). Do note that we will still give out random potions and consumables every now and then perhaps after a fort raid, instance or what not but it won’t be set as a regular weekly thing.

Another not-so-great news is that by now you would have noticed a lot of our members have begun disappearing. We felt it was only appropriate to explain to those who don’t already know that this is mainly due to our members having some study commitments or just started a new job (like myself) and as such will be on less regularly. The good news is that they will be more active once things settle down a bit more.

While the Picture of The Month competition was slow to begin with, we recieved a number of screenshots by people. It was quite disheartening to have not that many people participate as I did have a really good prize up my sleeve but nevermind, we will try harder next time to win you non-forum goer’s over. To those non-participants this is what you missed out on, as there were very good screen shots from the people who participated, we decided to just distribute 100k to each person who submitted a photo. So congratulations to those people, you will be receiving a mail in game shortly with your prize money.

The final good news is that this blog post is finally finished, yes I know it was a very very very very very long post but you made it to the end so congratulations. I will try to come up with another competition of some sort and also the higher ups will try to organise an event soon so keep your eye out on the legion announcement  🙂


RANDOM PIC - "Eylos on Cloud Nine" - I felt like I'm cheating on someone when I took this photo =.="


Callisto (aka Ignis)


Upcoming Changes…

January 25, 2010

Hi Guys and Girls,

Yes it’s another week gone by since the last update and here’s another long winded blog for all those who are actually reading. With the recent double exp weekend event again, it was decided by Glorion that a lot of our events were postponed. While the events were postponed a lot of members used the time productively (albeit there was a lot of connection issues for the server) and managed to gain quite a few levels. Just to update our readers on the legion affairs, we are starting to see a lot more active lv 40’s in our legion, new members are joining on a weekly basis, groups are starting to form more and more as level gaps close, members are helping each other out especially with the lower levels and their quests and more people are forming groups to do instances and raids together which is awesome.  Things are starting to, well…. look up!

Anyone wanna guess where I am? =.="

Health Care Program Update:

As our fortress raid was canceled and there was double exp, our Health Care Program is running a bit late but we’ll try to get the packages out to people as soon as we can. That being said, this week will probably be the last week which we will deliver to people as it is very time consuming to go to people and trade them (once again stupid Aion Mailbox system =.=”). Instead we will be having some new rules up about this which will be finalized within a few days and posted up in our forums (once again if you’re not register please go register ^^).


Picture of the Month Competition:

One of the first changes you will notice is that we now have a Promotions & Competitions (P&C) link up top which lists… well our promotions and competitions. In case you were wondering, promotion are generally “you win this if you meet this criteria” whereas competitions are more “you do this the best and you win this prize”. This first Competition in WrathOfGod Aion is the Picture Of The Month competition which pits members against one another in a screen shot frenzy. Post your creative, wacky, funny, or “whatever you can think” of screen shot on the forum page (just click the link in the P&C tab up top) and at the beginning of the next month we will announce a winner. The prize? well that’s a secret for now so you just have to have faith that it’ll be something worth your while. Anyhow here’s a sample photo I prepared earlier ^^

Title: Baby Tree! Description: Isn't this the cutest baby tree you've ever seen... awww so cute!

NOTE: The screen shots submitted needs a title and needs at least a one
sentence or more describing it.


Blog Cosmetic Surgery:

I’ve been getting the feeling a lot of members are a bit lost as to what is happening, when its happenings, what’s been happening etc and information does seem to be a little bit scattered at the moment. As such I’ve been trying to do a little ‘face-lift’ on the blog (I know I keep saying this =.=”) but the logic is this site will be the one-stop-shop with all your Legion information such as:

Media Center: A place which gathers funny pics, cool pics and our group photos (please send them to me if you took them during Christmas).

-Leadership and Hierarchy: Outlining our vision, goals, member list and legion hierarchy. Also in discussion at the moment is the possibility of new roles and promotions for members to allow members to contribute more directly.

-List of Events: Provides up-to-date event outlines so you will never miss that uber raid or awesome PvP session.

Competitions & Promotions: This page will list the weekly/monthly competitions that are up along with the prizes and past winners so do keep an eye on this page as you could be winning really cool prizes (there will be really really cool prizes seriously, but you’ll have to look on this page to find out ^^).

Guides: A more centralized database of guides some of which are yet to be written =.=”

Craft Services: List of expert crafters who will craft goods for a small fee if the materials are provided.


Final Comments:

Anyway, that’s it from me for now, see you all in game. [EDIT] Oops really wanted to ask do you guys think this looks more like a WALNUT or APPLE? post your comments let me know cause this is causing a great debate within legion chat over the past week [/EDIT]

– Callisto (Ignis)

Apple or Walnut? Please comment below


Weekly Update & New Initiatives

January 17, 2010

Hi Guys,

Keeping to the theme that WrathOfGod is going some drastic changes over the coming weeks, this blog site will also be under going some face lifts. In order to further assist with the flow of information as to what we want to do, what we are doing, and how we are doing it you’ll notice a few different tabs running across the tab in the coming days. These will have information on current events, different self-written guide, a media corner and possibly more (note the media corner is up please do click and read). With myself starting a new job this week, hence the slow update on the blog, I think it’s time to invite some new members up to the challenge of helping out around the house. Anyhow on with the weekly update.


Health Care Program:

As a member not only do you get benefits of being around cool people like Yukiri and Glorion, but you also get a free health care package which consists of a healthy supply of potions/scrolls/food once a week during the weekend.Our first package give away this week included Potions contributed to by the lovely Yukiri and Food from Iron Chef Sigrun which Ignis the Shugo delivered (Mail system was crap as it only allows about 20 mails at a time). Next week we may have to organize a time for everyone to pick up their package as it can be a tad bit tedious catching up to people especially the higher lvls.

"Reporting for Shugo Service Sir!"

Overall I’d have to say the event is a success, as there were many members who helped contribute time, materials or kinnah to the project. Hopefully this teamwork and commitment will continue each week (myself and the other higher ups will try and do our best to keep this project ongoing). Oh and if anyone has yet to receive their packages please do pm myself (Ignis) or Sally (Yukiri).


The Past Week in Nezekan:

No blog is worth reading if you don’t get you’re weekly Aion fix, so here we go. This past week has been hectic, a lot of members are leveling at insane paces, with more and more members hitting the 40’s mark. We have also been raiding a lot of Steel Rake of late with the higher lvls running Dredgion a lot more also. The fort raids this week have been, well, abyss-mall (pardon the joke it was just too tempting). Asmodians are ruling the skies with virtually all forts under their command and Eylos struggling at the beginning of the week to capture and hold 1 fort with the week ending on no forts for Eylos.

Abyss - Lower (17th Jan 2010)

Abyss - Upper (17th Jan 2010)

Hopefully next week we will start to see things looking better (commmmmmeonnnnnnn Eylos!!!!)


Member News:

There are some good news and bad news this week, well not bad news but just sad news. I suppose I’ll start with the good news first, this week we celebrate Scythes Birthday in style by congratulating him and giving him a brand spanking new birthday suit (pics uploaded as soon as the bastard stops running away from me). Furthermore we welcome a few new members Anteliana, Kyrle, Elisaling and Akisumi who make a much welcome addition to the legion. Be sure to say hi to them.

Happy Bday Scythe: muhahaha sneak photo ftw ^^

Moving on to some not so happy news, this week we said goodbye to Chuzzle, he came, he saw, he left but none the less his time around was much fun but I believe his real life friends have been hassling him to change to their legion. Unfortunately our dear Fay aka Sandy aka Leona is also leaving us for a short period of time on some leave. She has handed her account over to one of her friends and they will play on her behalf for a period of time. Her time around was fun and enjoyable and I wish we will see her soon.

"Like the fading sunset disappearing into the horizon, our memories shan't forget the time we have shared"

We Will Miss You! – WrathOfGod

That’s about it this week, keep a look out on this page and forum every few days for updates as there will be changes…. a lot of them…. within the coming few weeks. But for now fly safe and don’t forget to hunt some asmo’s.

Callisto (Ignis)


Congratulations and Upcomings

January 11, 2010

Hi Guys & Girls,

Wow what a week it’s been. This posts gonna be a tad bit long so bring up some queue up some crafting and grab a bite to eat. To start off with WrathOfGod have officially got our first, not one, not two, but three level 50’s all within days of each other. So congratulations to Kingstormz, Glorion & Sigrun. It was a close race but Kingstormz won by a day or so. None the less they have all made quite an accomplishment.

[INSERT PICTURE: to be added later]

[CAPTION: You guys really need to stay still for a second for me to grab a picture of all 3 of you =.=”]

Besides this monumental feat, many members have made good use of the awefully missed 2x exp event and rushed to their 40’s (including myself) and are making progress to lv 50. As more members have become active of late and the level gap decreasing between members a lot of us have been questing together, helping lower lvls catch up or simply raiding together as part of Glorion’s glorious grand plan for 2010. This week for example, we raided a few abyss forts on the Nezekan server, unfortunately the lag is ridiculous and so the closest I could get of the even was the absurd amount of kisks that Eylos have been placing =P

The kiss... errr kisk of death

Another event which came up over the weekend suddenly was the boss raid of “Grand Chieftain Saen”, or as I’d like to call him “Saen the Horrible Gay Who Chases Me Because I’m Cool”. Unfortunately we failed in taming the beast, but we did learn quite a few lessons in teamwork and raiding (we got him down to 1/4 hp when he entered “I’m gonna just AoE spam you” mode =.=”).  These lessons learned did come at a high price however, and for many members the cost of soul healing and even just plain potting overall would’ve gone into the millions.

Proudly brought to you by "omg he's ugly" in association with "we got our ass's wooped"

So that was the week that past, as time goes on we will be wanting to do more of these to access higher tiered gear to explore different aspects of the game but most importantly to have fun and enjoy.


What’s Up Next?

Moving onto the week to come, As such, after some discussion between myself (Ignis) and Sally (Yukiri) we have decided that once a week we will be mailing out to people free consumables such as food, potions or scrolls. There’s no pre-arranged amount that we will distribute as it will depend on the supplies we have but rest assured you’re efforts in participating will not go unrewarded.

You are free to do what you will with the items whether you want to sell them for a profit or use them we just ask you don’t go around asking for specific items like “I need/want Greater Running Scrolls” or “I need/want Jelly” as this service is completely funded by myself and sally. Anyone who does this will be taken off our list until further notice. Contribute are more than welcome, and they can come in the form of materials mailed to either of us, kinnah donations or manpower in helping us gather at certain times to be announced. Please do note that these contributions are in no way compulsory as we merely want to recognize everyone’s hard work and wish you to enjoy your time at Aion – WrathOfGod. More events/giveaways are being considered at the moment (PvP contest, Team PvP, Speed Racing, Lottery draw, Costume contest etc) and we will be announcing these on our forum and of course this site. Any suggestions may go into our suggestion box on the forums or simply msg one of the legion slaves aka Glorion (slave master), Yukiri (slave driver), Sigrun (slave initiate), Ignis (simply slave)***


*** please note these ranking are purely for recreational purposes only, Glorion much rather prefers getting whipped BDSM style ^^


I'm Freeeeeeeee, freeeee fallling

Fly safe for now,

Callisto (Ignis)


New Year with New Hopes!

January 5, 2010

I would like to seek this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may the year 2010 bring good fortune to all of us.

This last year has been great. Though we were slightly slower compared to the other legions,  I am happy to see the consistent growth of our members now. With the help of the committee, we will organize more boss and fort raids very soon.

WoG started the New Year by taking over the 4 artifacts available around  Sulfur Fortress. Though it may just be artifacts for now, but I am sure we will be able to take over fortress soon. So keep up the good work WoG!

May the light be with you.

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “Opportunity” and we shall start writing on Chapter 1.

Stay tuned folks!

Signing off,


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

December 23, 2009

Hi Guys and Girls,


I’m Baccccckkkkk!!!!! My study year is finally over and I can start playing games again. In case you forgot about me it’s Callisto and I’ve spent this past year studying my final year instead of playing games and the results are worth it.


Seeing now that I’m back and I figured I’d take this chance to write up a little Season’s Greetings and update this dusty site (been awhile since anyone’s posted anything at all… zzzzzz lazy bums). But enough about me and more about WrathOfGod. In case you were like me and have spent the past year isolated from WrathOfGod, many of the members have switched over from Warhammer to Aion on the Nezekan server.

Catastrophic (aka Glorion) is now in charge of things around Aion and from what I can tell he’s doing a fine job at recruiting new members and keeping everyone happy. Inazuki (aka Sigrun) has also been promoted (or demoted depending on how you see it) into the leadership (slaves, once again depends on how you see it =.=”) ranks of WrathOfGod and is going to help out with all the back office work required to run things smoothly in Aion.


While there are a lot of familiar faces and a lot of new ones, not all the original members play in Aion however MinistryOfLaw (aka Sally aka Yukiri) often organizes the get togethers mentioning which here are some pics of the last BBQ in Singapore.

Standing (Left to Right):

HGSFrog, Duan, Delly (aka Kyle), Malzias, Inazuki (aka Sigrun), Ochazuke (aka Ocha), Noodles, Asuka, DarkTan, Ishiwaka, BlackMoomba, Ichimarus (aka Wayneee), PlayGalX’s BF, Mafiaso.

Squatting (Left to Right):

Warpig, Sanzen (aka Yotaka), Yumeno, MinistryOfLaw (aka Yukiri aka Sally), PlayGalX, Mikoto, Yusuke, James (Pioneer of WrathOfGod)


Unfortunately this is just a quickie post today, as Sally very rush rush me to level up in Aion. I’ll most likely put up another update for New Years and regular pics and vids in the weeks to come but for now hope everyone has a safe holiday and Merry Christmas.



Season’s Greetings,


Callisto (aka Ignis) on behalf of WrathOfGod


Nochsana Training Camp

September 29, 2009

We are now on our second week into Aion and many of our members are already in their twenties, thus it was time to try out the 1st, lowest level instance available in Aion; The Nochsana Training Camp. Basically this instance revolves around breaking into a Balaur Fortress which comes complete with a Boss. It is available to a maximum group of 6 which members are between levels 25-28 and has a 16 hour lockout timer. Its accessible once you have completed your Abyss Flight Training Quests and entered the Abyss.

The purpose of this instance dungeon is to simulate a fortress raid in which most of us would be participating in the future, so try out this instance if you can!